Easy DIY Fabric Scrap Wreath

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I’ve been meaning to make a wreath for a while now, there are so many great ideas out there! I finally decided to just do it this week.

This was definitely one of my easier projects for those of you looking for something simpleall you need is a wreath form and some fabric scraps, whatever color you choose. The fabric scraps I used were leftovers from the quilt my mom made for my husband and I when we got married.

I bought the wreath form at Dollar Tree for $1 and I used not even a yard of fabric total (though, I only used two of the four wires so if you want to use all of them, you might need vloser to a yard).

Cut your scraps into 1″ by 4-5″, depending on how big you want your strips. I just tied them on using a simple knot, pulling at a bit of an angle when I pulled them tight.

I started with the outside ring and then did the inside ring, you might find it easier to start from the inside and go out, especially if you want to use all the rings.

That’s all there is to it! You can do fall colors if you want! I bet a pumpkin design would look great! If you want me to do something please let me know! I’d love your ideas amd suggestions!

DIY PVC Pipe Towel Rack

Here’s another post for summer time in the pool! My nieces were staying with my parents for a week and I wanted to make this so that my parents’ house wouldn’t be overrun with towels from the pool, because that’s what always happens.

So, I got on Pinterest and found several different ideas, the simplest of which was a ladder type thing, but I wanted something a little bit different. I didn’t find instructions for the one I made, but I found a picture I was able to use as a reference.

Here is what you need:

-3/4 ” by 10′ pvc pipe (3)

-pipe cutters (or whatever you have that can cut pipe)

-3/4″ tee pieces (10)

-3/4″ three way tees (4)

-PVC glue (optional)

You will need to cut the pipes into the following sizes:

– 3′ (4)

– 2′ (5)

-1′ (2)

-2″ (8)

Now that you have your pipe cut, its time to start attaching tees. As you can see in the pictures below, you will need to attach the three way tees to the ends of two of your 2′ pieces. These will be the two ends.

Next, attach a tee to each end of the remaining 2′ pieces and connect them using the 3″ pieces (see picture above).

For the legs and base, see the picture below. You will be connecting these to your top piece so you only need tees on one side to connect the 1′ pieces.

Lastly, attach your legs to your top piece and there you go! You will need to push in the sides a few times to make it all even. Another easy project for the summer to keep things organized!

DIY Learning Tower


Have you everdecided to do something new (poach an egg, run a marathon, build a treehouse), so you look up how to do it and you feel confident that you can do it only to find that it doesn’t work out so well? Yeah, me too. There are some things that we certainly can do ourselves (with some trial and error), but that turn out better the first time if we have somebody there who had done it before looking over or shoulder and giving us tips. 

I had a feeling that might happen with this project, so I asked my dad to help me. It is from him that I inherited my love to make things, and he has a lot of building experience, plus more tools than I could ever use. Not only did I havean expert worry me, but we had a great time bonding together.

I am really excited about this post, as well as really proud of myself for how it turned out! The original post I used for the directions is by Ana White and can be found here: http://www.ana-white.com/2010/12/helping-tower.html
Since she already gives some great instructions, I will mostly tell you what i did differently. 

First of all, I have to say that her supplies list and cuts was super helpful. My only regret is that I got the lumber with my car, so I asked them to cut each piece in half so it would fit. It was fine foreverything except the 1X8 piece needed to make the arches on the sides, but it was alright because we just used a couple more pieces of 1X2 boards. It really depends on what you want.

The instructions on Ana’s post are pretty straightforward, the biggest thing that you need to be careful about is not splitting the wood when you por your screws in. Make sure you make a nice countersink (indent) for your screws so they go in nice and smooth. 

Make LOTS of marks with your pencil, seriously, even if you feel stupid making extra lines, if it helps do it.

I decided not to paint it right now because Eli is teething and gnawing on everything so once that’s over with I will paint it. Blue, I think. The whole thing cost me $50 since my dad already had all of the tools. You can find some for sale on Etsy and stuff for $100 if this is more than you can do. 

Now we just have to teach him to get up and down by himself! I hope you enjoyed this post, I sure enjoyed doing it!

DIY PVC Pipe Pool Toy Holder


This is a project I have been working on for a week (though it really doesn’t take that long, that’s just the space between going to my mother’s house to finish it) but I am really happy with the way it turned out.

I found a picture of this on Pinterest, but no instructions, however it wasn’t too difficult to figure out from the photo. My parents have a pool at their house and several pool toys (floaties and such) but they didn’t really have a good place to put the bigger ones. Until now!

I am proud to say that I solved their problem with less that $40 at The Home Depot. Here is what you will need.

3/4 ” PVC Pipe – I bought 4 10′ pieces just to be on the safe side
8 cross pieces (also 3/4″)
16 tee pieces (3/4″ all around)
6 pool noodles with hole big enough to fit over pipes
something to cut the pipes with

Cut the pipe into the following sizes:

22 pieces that are 3″
6 pieces that are 2′
12 pieces that are 1′

Take 5 of the 3″ pieces and connect them using four cross pieces and place a tee at each end. Repeat this step so you have two. 

Take the remaining 3″ pieces and place one in the tees and cross pieces along one side (see pictures below, top right picture) on each structure.

You will then attach a tee to each 3″ piece sticking out so that they are perpendicular to the whole structure, do this to both sides. Then connect them with the 2′ pieces (see picture above, bottom right picture) (also see the top picture below)

Almost done! Now just stick the 1′ pieces in the holes that are sticking up (see picture above, bottom left picture).  

The final step is to slide each end of the pool noodle over a piece of PVC pipe (make sure the hole is big enough) so that they are each parallel to the 2″ pieces below.

DIY Box Color sorting game

As you all may have guessed, I spend a good deal of time on Pinterest looking for ideas on what project to work on next. I am always looking for things to make for my baby to keep him busy so I can actually get a few things done around the house.

I saw an idea like this one a while back, but I put off making it, until the other day when my baby was being particularly clingy. So, I decided to give it a try and he loves it! He doesn’t seperate the balls according to color yet but he likes pushing the box around and putting stuff in it and I get to clean the house (yay).

Anyway, it’s super simple, all you need is:

Diaper Box (or any other cardboard box)

Box cutter


Extra piece of cardboard

Markers or colored paper
I taped a shoe box lid inside the box at an angle so the balls would go to the other end of the box, then I taped the box closed and cut four holes on top and one on the opposite side for the balls to come out.

I didn’t have any markers on hand so I taped little colored tabs along the holes (the red hole is marked in red pen because the tabs were pink). I cut the bigger hole a little low so that tge balls would just come right out, but I think I might add a piece of cardboard so they will stay in.

Remember the baby piñata I had filled with ball pit balls? Now my baby has a place to put them all instead of all over the house! He also has a box to push around and climb onto and I have a chance to clean the refrigerator!

Its not fancy or anything but babies don’t care anyway! I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy DIY game for babies! Like and share!

DIY pallet bookshelf

This was something I found on Pinterest and loved. Its a bookshelf made out of a pallet! There are so many things you can make with those things! This one took me 2 1/2 hours (the duration of baby’s nap plus a little after bedtime).

So I don’t get in trouble for sharing someone else’s idea, here is the link to the website were I found the instructions: http://www.wherethesmileshavebeen.com/how-to-make-and-install-pallet-bookshelves/

I changed it up a little so I will tell you how I did it. I used hand tools so it took a little longer and I used spray paint to paint it.

My hubby had already taken off some of the boards on the front but I was still able to use it the way I needed to. I sawed off the bottom just above where the second board was. You will need to remove this board sometime. Then I sawed through the nails on one of the boards in order to remove the board.

I nailed that board to the bottom of the shelves and sanded the whole thing with a sand paper block. Next I spray painted it black (minus Eli’s name in the middle).

I did all that while baby was napping and after I put him down for the night, I painted his name and the door knobs blue and attached them to the front. I just got command strips to hang it on the wall since we’re renting, but you might want to get something a little stronger depending on how many books you have.

This is a great project for beginners because it’s not too difficult but you still feel like you’re stepping out of the box.

Here is what you need:


Work gloves

Hand saw (or reciprocating saw)

Sand paper (or sander)

Hammer and nails

Spray paint

Cabinet door handles

Wall mounts

There you have it! A great, cheap new bookshelf!

DIY Shutter Doors

Hi everybody! I know its been a little while since I last posted, but I’ve got two new projects to share with you! Here is the first one.

My neighbor was selling some old shutter doors that had been sitting around in storage for a while. I took one look at them and my brain started working double time to figure out what to do with them. I found lots of ideas on Pinterest, but couldn’t get myself excited enough to do one. Then I remembered how much I wished our entertainment center had doors.

The shutters were a different color than my entertainment center, but I could always paint them after, so I decided to go for it. I went to home depot and bought some supplies and then got to work. 

I measured the height I needed the doors to be and marked the shutters where i needed to cut them, then got my new hand saw out and got to work! Oh, halfway through I realized I needed to take off the little stick that makes them all move together. I also sawed off the legs on the bottom.

Next, I removed the bottom of one and the middle piece of wood from the other to put on the top of the doors to keep them together and screwed them on.

Them all I had to do was put the hinges and the handles on and they were done! When I saw the finished product I decided not to paint then because it looks kind of cool with the different colors.

This was a super easy project that I really enjoyed working on, even though doing now measurements might have made it a little easier in the end. So, here is what you need:

Shutter doors

Four hinges

Two little handles

Hand saw


Two latches

Wood glue (if you want the shutters to stay put)

I haven’t put glue on them yet but I’m going to as soon as I can so baby can’t stick his hand through.

DIY Pallet Garden

Do you want to plant a garden but don’t have a lot of space for it? Me too! So I got on Pinterest and found some ideas. This is probably the easiest way to do a pallet garden that I found.

My dad has been working on fixing up a house so him and my mom can move in (or sell it, the plan keeps changing) anyway, he had a couple of pallets that he gave me when I told him about my idea.

We have a very small back patio, but my husband made room to take the boards off of one side of the pallet and at first he just painted the edges, but I ended up spray painting the rest of it black because I didn’t like how it looked.

I leaned the finished product up against the house and put pots (from the dollar store ;)) and my baby jars of spices on the little shelves that were left and voila! There it is! It’s super easy and customizable, you can paint it whatever color you want.




Baby Piñata 

This last weekend was Eli’s first birthday! He has grown so fast! Anyway, his fathers side of the family are Mexicans and one of the most important things at their parties is the Piñata.
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I read a conversation between my husband and his siblings about getting him a piñata and I thought, “there’s no way he’s going to be able to get one open, not to mention he wouldn’t enjoy doing it, if he even was interested at all.”

That’s when I got onto Pinterest and saw the piñatas that you just pull a string on the bottom and the contents fall out. Perfect! That’s easy enough right?

But what would I fill it with? He’s not old enough for candy, plus it might hurt him falling out of the piñata. So what else could I use?

Then it came to me: balls! You know, the ones they have in ball pits. I had wanted to get some anyway for him to play in anyway, but it sounded perfect!

So I ordered 100 balls from Walmart.com for $10 but I wasn’t sure what box I would use. At least until they arrived, and I realized the box they were delivered in would be perfect!

The first thing I did was cut a hole where the bottom would be, because that was what I saw on Pinterest. I used a utility knife, but scissors might work too.

I set to work decorating, now you can do whatever you want, but I bought some shiny paper from the dollar store and taped/glued pieces of it to the outside.

Next, I poked a bunch of holes in the “door” to the hole then I threaded pieces of ribbon through the holes.

Now, some of the ideas I found on Pinterest said to tie knots in the ribbon, but I had made the holes too big so I just taped them all down.

Tuh duh! He tried to pull on the strings but I had taped the hole shut so I would recommend using something else to keep it closed but not too closed.

He was scared by the balls, but once I showed him one by itself he was happy and excited to play with them. Please leave a comment and share with your friends!

5 Frugal Uses for Baby Food Jars

Here is another post for those of you who are on WIC or just buy a lot of jars of baby food.
First of all, Do Not Throw Away Those Jars! There are a lot of uses for them, which I will share in this post. They might be annoying to have stacked up in the pantry, but they are nice to have when you need something small.

One use I have found is to put coconut oil in a couple of jars so I’m not carrying around the one container from the kitchen. Now I have one little jar of oil in my bathroom for me, and one in my baby’s room for him after his baths! Then I can leave the container in the kitchen where it belongs.

Another use that might be a little bit of a ‘duh’ one is I had one of those big containers of vitamins that was running low so I put them in a baby food jar to save space. Yeah, I put a lot of thought into that one.

The next use I found was again in the bathroom, I put extra hair bands and clips in a couple of jars in my drawer. You can do the same with your junk drawer!

I took dinner to my neighbor the other night and part of the dinner was a salad, and I didn’t want to not take dressing, nor did I want to just send over my bottle of ranch. So, I put some ranch in one jar and some raspberry vinaigrette in the other and stuck them in the salad bowl!

And this last use is for a little herb garden. I’m working on putting together a pallet garden (coming soon!) but I wanted to get my herbs growing as soon as possible so I thought this was a clever idea at least until I have a better place for them. I’m not sure if they can grow big in such a small container so I’m going to transfer them to pots soon.

So far, though, they are growing! They’re so cute and little and I put them in a silverware/pencil holder you can buy at the dollar store so I can move them all together easily. The only sun in the house is in the front behind the sofa, which isn’t always safe with the baby around so I have to move them a lot.

I will update you on any other uses I find for these little jars and feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions for me! Thank you!